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Madonna’s Magical Kiss

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Madonna’s Magical Kiss

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Madonna is a powerful icon for pop through the decades. She has helped the evolution of the music. Along the way, she has rubbed shoulders with other future legends of the industry.

It is no secret that Madonna did an infamous performance with two young stars- Christina Aguilera and Britney the 2003 MTV music awards. This performance was epic because it featured her kissing both of the stars. These starlets acted surprised about the kiss, as though it was unrehearsed.

Madonna has since watched both of the pop stars break down and then get back up again. Spears had a mental breakdown and Aguilera gained weight and suffered a nasty divorce.

Some wonder if Madonna was part of a plan to keep the limelight on these “it” girls. They were bound together by a kiss with queen of pop, and their rivalry seemed to cease. However, the girls’ lives after that were drama filled until they could once again get it together.

It is interesting that Madonna also suffered a similar breakdown when she dressed as a clown on tour and cried onstage about the custody battle of her son. But now all three are on top of their game.

It seems however Madonna kisses will be ushered into the hall of pop legends. These three stars are probably the most popular in pop over the past decade since that kiss.

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