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The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars Of 2021

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The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars Of 2021

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Three years ago, the highest-paid YouTube star was Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg, who goes by “Pewdiepie.”

He earned an estimated $12 million dollars that year.

According to our estimation, the top-earning YouTuber now is Daniel Middleton, a 30-year old British gamer with over 43 million subscribers.

His channel, DanTDM Creates a Video Game covers topics like Minecraft and The Walking Dead.

We predict that Daniel Middleton is the highest-paid YouTuber through 2021 with estimated earnings of $16.5 million dollars, up by over 40% from 2017.

Felix Kjellberg, who is now in second place, is estimated to earn $13 million dollars in 2021.

For example, Tyler Faraz Niknam aka dissidences Trainwreckstv worth is around $3.000.000!

That’s how huge Pewdiepie really is…

His channel, Pewdiepie, has over 100 million subscribers and covers a variety of gaming topics.

In third place is Ryan ToysReview, a seven-year-old YouTuber whose channel consists of him reviewing toys.

He is estimated to make $11.5 million dollars in 2021.

While the top three earners are all gamers, there are a number of other content categories on YouTube that are seeing high earnings as well.

These include pranksters (Roman Atwood, $8 million), beauty gurus (Michelle Phan, $6 million), and comedians (Lilly Singh, $7.5 million).

What factors are contributing to the growth in earnings for these top YouTubers?

Some of the reasons for the growth in earnings are that:

– The number of people using YouTube is growing.

As more people use YouTube, the opportunity to reach a large audience increases, and so does earnings potential.

– Advertisers are becoming more interested in sponsoring YouTube content.

With viewers increasingly shifting their attention online, advertisers are looking to place their ads on videos that will reach their target audience.

This has led to higher earnings for many YouTubers.

– Some YouTubers are branching out into other forms of media.

For example, Michelle Phan started a cosmetics company, Lilly Singh launched a book, and Daniel Middleton created an interactive YouTube show.

This diversification helps to increase earnings potential.

What does the future hold for top YouTubers?

It is likely that we will see continued growth in earnings for the top YouTubers.

Advertisers are becoming more sophisticated in their use of YouTube, and are willing to pay higher rates for placement.

Additionally, as more people shift their attention online, the potential audience for YouTube content will continue to grow.

This means that we can expect to see the highest-paid YouTubers becoming even more successful in the years to come.

Middleton is followed by Dude Perfect, a sports and comedy group with over 30 million subscribers.

They earn an estimated $14.5 million dollars in revenue this year.

The rest of the top 5 highest-paid YouTube stars are Joe Sugg (estimated earning: $9 million), Evan Fong (estimated earning: $9 million), and Jeffree Star (estimated earning: $9 million).

No one knows for sure what 2020 will bring but it’s safe to say that Daniel Middleton continues his reign as king of YouTube!

It’s also safe to say that we’ll see the big money earners make some changes such as more scripted series, increases in merchandise sales, and side business endeavors.

Is it possible that a new star will emerge from YouTube or another social media platform?

Is it also possible that one of the top 5 earners could fall out of the top 5 next year?

In three years, will Middleton still be on top?

Make sure to stay tuned for all things YouTubing!

Keep your eyes on the earnings, and have a great 2021!

As you can see from the table above, there are a few changes in the top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars from 2017 to 2021.

For instance, Rihanna moves up from ninth to fifth place with estimated earnings of $7.1 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Maroon 5 drops from fourth to sixth place with estimated earnings of $5.5 million dollars.

LeBron James also enters the list for the first time at number ten with estimated earnings of $4.7 million dollars.

Stay posted for more updates on the highest-paid YouTube stars 2019 and top social media earners of 2021.

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